Precision Motion

The Precision Motion product lines design and manufacture the highest performing precision motion control and position measurement components in the market today. Our components are sold to over one thousand global OEMs for their most demanding applications in state-of-the-art systems including medical devices, microelectronics processing equipment, and industrial factory automation systems. Our engineers work side by side with our customers to develop custom product configurations that meet customers'' specific needs and integrate seamlessly into their applications.

The Precision Motion product families:

  • MicroE: precision optical encoders which can sense location to 1.2 nanometers while moving at up to 10m/s.
  • Westwind: the world''s only volume producer of air bearing spindles for PCB manufacturing, able to drill via holes at up to 360,000 rpm.

With manufacturing facilities in the USA, UK, and China, and a vast network of worldwide representatives, GSI possesses the precision motion capabilities to satisfy our customers'' most challenging system requirements.