Precision Motion

The Precision Motion product lines design and manufacture the highest performing precision motion control and position measurement components in the market today. Our components are sold to over one thousand global OEMs for their most demanding applications in state-of-the-art systems including medical devices, microelectronics processing equipment, and industrial factory automation systems. Our engineers work side by side with our customers to develop custom product configurations that meet customer specific needs and integrate seamlessly into system designs.

The Precision Motion product families include:

  • Celera Motion provides innovative motion control solutions through its forward-thinking MicroE and Applimotion product platforms, application expertise and consultative team approach. MicroE miniature precision linear and rotary (angle) optical encoders with industry standard incremental and absolute interfaces feature linear resolutions from 10 microns to 1.2 nanometers with accuracy up to 1 micron; rotary resolutions from 10,000 CPR to 268,000,000 CPR with accuracy up to 2 arc-seconds. Applimotion direct drive rotary and linear motor kits and actuators with high torque density, outstanding performance over a wide range of voltages and speeds, and smooth velocity in a range of form factors, enable the design of smaller, faster and more efficient equipment and instruments.
  • Westwind: the world's only volume producer of air bearing spindles for PCB manufacturing, capable of drilling via holes at up to 360,000 rpm; also supply spindles for applications such as coating, grinding, ion implantation and rotary scanning.

With manufacturing facilities in the USA, UK, and China, and a vast network of worldwide representatives, GSI possesses the precision motion capabilities to satisfy the most challenging customer requirements.