Industrial Applications

The industrial laser market is diverse and continually growing. From traditional applications in welding, drilling, cutting and marking to newer applications in annealing and ultrafast machining, the GSI Group is well positioned with components, lasers and laser systems to satisfy the high demands of the industrial market.

There are a number of companies under the GSI Group umbrella that serve the industrial market with a variety of photonics-based solutions:

  • JK Lasers manufactures YAG and fiber lasers for welding, drilling and cutting.
  • Synrad is the world leader in sealed CO2 laser systems for marking, cutting and drilling.
  • Cambridge Technology is the world leader in galvanometers and scanning solutions for laser beam steering, and precision Beryllium mirrors and structures.
  • MicroE is the world's leading provider of optical encoders for positioning.
  • Westwind builds spindles for high speed drilling of printed circuit boards.
  • Continuum lasers are used in metal deposition, annealing, shock peening, diamond cutting, and marking and scribing.
  • Photo Research is the world's leading innovator and manufacturer of high precision Spectroradiometers, Photometers, Colorimeters & Video Photometers.

Together, these companies represent the broadest technology portfolio for existing and emerging industrial applications.