Advanced Industrial Technologies

In the Advanced Industrial Technology sector, GSI excels in delivering the most advanced technology solutions to the factor floor.  We supply application-specific, precision, high performance enabling technologies to leading industrial equipment OEM's in the most demanding applications.  Our technologies and our technical support enable OEM customers to delivery a higher level of system performance, precision and reliability in applications such as laser marking, cutting, welding and engraving, robotics and precision motion control, additive manufacturing, via hole drilling, coordinate measurement/metrology and color measurement.  GSI serves the industrial market through several different product lines and brand names: 

  • Cambridge Technology is the world leader in galvanometers and scanning solutions for laser beam steering, and precision Beryllium mirrors and structures.
  • Synrad is the world leader in sealed CO2 laser systems for marking, cutting and drilling.
  • MicroE is the world's leading provider of optical encoders for positioning.
  • JK Lasers manufactures YAG and fiber lasers for welding, drilling and cutting.
  • Westwind builds spindles for high speed drilling of printed circuit boards.
  • Photo Research is the world's leading innovator and manufacturer of high precision Spectroradiometers, Photometers, Colorimeters & Video Photometers.

Together, these companies represent the broadest technology portfolio for existing and emerging industrial applications.