Medical Applications

With advances in health care in both industrialized and emerging markets, huge investments are being made in medical and life science devices that are smaller and faster, but also are more precise and accurate. GSI is helping device makers achieve their goals with the highest performing components in the market today. Whether it is surgical displays with precise color, contrast, and clarity, 3 dimensional laser scanning at 1 micron accuracy, sensing position to 1.2 nanometers, or 800 dpi resolution charting of medical device output with unparalleled reliability, GSI's technology is unrivaled.

GSI serves the medical and life science device industry with a broad range of technologies and capabilities:

  • JADAK is a leader in embedded bar code, machine vision, RFID and computing products, providing both off-the-shelf and optimized product solutions for major medical device manufacturers worldwide. JADAK has successfully designed, integrated and rolled out solutions in almost every area of the healthcare ecosystem. JADAK products and technologies can be found in healthcare applications such as hospital admissions, pharmacies, laboratories, bedside point of care applications, surgery rooms and more.
  • Thermal Printers is the preferred supplier of chart recorders to the world's leading medical instrument manufacturers for patient monitoring, defibrillation and EKG applications.
  • NDS Surgical Imaging is a global leader in designing and manufacturing medical display and informatics technologies. State-of-the-art, medical-grade surgical visualization systems, radiology displays, wireless video transmission and image management solutions have led the way in re-defining the modern surgical operating room, radiology reading rooms, endoscopy suites and minimally invasive environments. Leading medical OEMs and hospitals around the world trust the optical clarity and precise calibration of the best-selling displays in the industry.
  • Cambridge Technology is the world's leading provider of galvanometers and laser scanning solutions for laser beam steering. Ophthalmologic diagnostic equipment manufacturers use Cambridge Technology products to ensure the most accurate laser scanning of the eye, and Computed Radiography system manufacturers rely on Cambridge Technology for the crispest, fastest imaging.
  • Celera Motion is the world's leading provider of miniature precision optical encoders, customized motors and actuator solutions for medical and life science applications requiring precise and dynamic motion control. By combining a consultative approach to understanding the challenges facing OEMS with best-in-class technology and application expertise, MicroE brand encoders have helped solve challenging problems in surface science, life science, laboratory automation, IVD, diagnostic imaging, dental CAD/CAM and robotic surgery applications; Applimotion brand motors and actuators are used in robotic surgery, scanning, imaging, cardiac assist, patient temperature control, and resuscitation markets to solve the most demanding motion control applications.
  • Photo Research is a leader in the color calibration of 3D HD visualization systems for minimally invasive robotic surgery, and shade matching in restorative dentistry.