Microelectronics Applications

Microelectronics applications continue to expand, driving the demand in this multibillion dollar industry for new technologies and products. GSI Group currently supplies products and technology to OEM's who provide microelectronics components and product solutions into applications that include portable consumer electronics, personal computing, medical equipment, telecom, data storage drives and servers. Our various businesses are well positioned to provide leading edge technology products and components to meet the ever increasing and future needs of the microelectronics industry.

  • Cambridge Technology is a world leader in laser scanners used to perform wafer inspection, micromachining, and laser drilling in printed circuit boards that require precise directional laser control.
  • MicroE is a world leader in servo control systems for data storage manufactures that require the ultimate performance in servo control accuracy and speed. Through advances in the GSI Group servo control products and technology, hard disk drives now routinely exceed 1Tb in capacity at very affordable prices to the consumer. MicroE is also a world leader in optical encoders which are used throughout the microelectronics manufacturing process.
  • Westwind is the world's only volume producer of air bearing spindles. It supplies high speed air bearings for mechanical drilling of printed circuit boards which demands incredibly high rotating speeds, resulting in increased throughput for PC board manufacturers.